Assessment and Reports

Assessment in many and various forms takes place lesson by lesson. More formal assessments such as internal examinations are scheduled throughout the year (see calendar for details). Summaries of your child's attendance, attainment, effort and behaviour are routinely compiled and reviews of progress take place. The results of this on-going process are reported to parents in the form of 2 interim reviews and an annual report which you will receive approximately termly. Sharing with our students where they are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there is at the heart of our approach to personalised learning. This is called Assessment for Learning (AfL) and encourages motivated and independent learners who understand their role in their progress and what they need to do to achieve. Our teachers aim to practice AfL, by making learning intentions explicit and sharing with students the success criteria in order to achieve successful learning outcomes. Students are encourage to assess their own work against model answers and exemplar material and also assess their peers' work. Feedback is integral in lessons where learning conversations with both teacher and other students are common. Teachers using AfL make well-founded judgements about their students' attainment and use this to plan for progression, particularly for students who are not fulfilling their potential. Each teacher enters their record of progress into a central management information system where this progress is then tracked and monitored. As a result, students can be rewarded for their progress and also, underachievement can be identified and suitable intervention can be applied.