Technology has been described as being 'the most important influence upon society'.

Technology, indeed lies at the very heart of our society, and has been a driving force in shaping our society. The teaching of quality design and technology in our schools is a vital requirement for the country's future in the 21st century.

"Technology is essentially about allowing our pupils and students to develop their capability, through combining and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products.” James Dyson

Experiencing Technology through all key stages

Within this department we have adopted a creative approach to demonstrate how technology is an essential ingredient of our lives. Through historical and present day  perspectives and “real world” applications and with the use of radical approaches and incremental design concepts playing an important feature within technology boundaries, all pupils and students are made aware of the importance and need for technology development and innovation.

We aim to deliver technology as a rewarding and enjoyable experience using the expertise and enthusiasm offered by all the staff. Multi-skilling is a key feature of our approach developing an awareness that no boundaries exist as regards discrimination and equal opportunity in being a Technologist.

In Key Stage 3 we offer the delivery of three main Design and Technology areas of study; Food Technology, Product Design and Graphic design through developed projects aimed at building upon and developing their knowledge of both manual and CAD/CAM systems.

In Key Stage 4 students have the choice to continue their learning at GCSE level in Food Technology.

Independent Learning

Pupils are asked to use their organiser to aid their own personalised learning and planning routine to ensure they work independently and meet all deadlines, especially our exam pupils and students. Good planning, drafting and proof reading forms key elements of their road to success. All are actively encouraged to use the Technology facilities at both lunch time and after school. Using the VLE and our specially purchased 'on-line resources allow pupils and 'A' level students alike, to study at home.

Useful Websites


Product Design

Graphic Design

"DATA (Design and Technology Association) believes that Technology is much more than a requirement to meet the needs of the National Curriculum but that it 'seeks to embrace the National Curriculum and extend it into full educational experience'. 'sees the preparation of young people for citizenship in a technological society as a central activity within the subject."