Special Educational and Additional Needs (SEAN)

The school supports the special and additional needs of our students in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice, the principles of Inclusion and the Every Child Matters agenda.

The department is staffed by a SEANCo, an administration assistant, part-time teachers, a lead learning support assistant and a team of learning support assistants.

Support is offered in the following ways:

Transition of pupils to secondary school

  • Tracking and monitoring of student progress
  • In-class support for students with special and/additional needs
  • Advice to staff, providing student information, strategies and support
  • Training for teachers and support staff on a range of special and additional needs
  • Examination access arrangements, including relevant literacy, screening and assessment
  • Lunch Club, including homework support
  • Social skills groups for selected students
  • Individual and small-group withdrawal programmes for selected students
  • Paired reading for KS3 students

- Advice and support for parents and carers

- External agency support for a range of students with additional needs

- Further Contact Details:

Childrens Bereavment Counselling
01708 476912

Drugs/Alcohol, E.P.Y.DAS/YDPAS
Anytime up to 7.30pm
114 Springfield Rd

Young Peoples Counselling Service
Hermitage Brentwood
Claire White - 01277 230831

Donner Piper, Specialist Counsellor
Eating Disorders
01245 354083

Police Community Support
01277 262212

Police Abuse Team
01245 502110

Sycamore Counselling
01245 359353 (may be a charge)

Bridge Counselling
01268 822800 (may be a charge)