Visits and Exchanges

Students participate in an extensive programme, developing respect for other cultures through personal contacts and experiences.

On Monday 19th October, the Anglo European School welcomed a delegation of 15 Principals, Vice-Principals and Jiangsu Education services colleagues from Jiangsu Province, China for a forum on effective teaching of Chinese language and culture to English students and productive school partnerships between China and the UK.

So here I am, recently returned from one of the best months of my life and I’m exhausted. Where to start?!

Whilst take part in the World Challenge visit to Africa, three of our students bravely saved the life of a young boy from treacherous riptides.

Over the summer, our students went on a World Challenge trip to Costa Rica. Watch their most memorable moments here...


Anglo students return from the pioneering visit to Lesotho. All the Wonderbags were in local homes within two weeks and transforming the lives of those fortunate to buy them at the subsidised price.