Year 10 Work Experience Programme 2017

Our Year 10 students are about to embark upon their work experience placements locally, nationally and internationally for 2 weeks between Monday 5th June 2017 and Friday 16th June 2017 (inclusive).

 We believe that Work Experience is vital for our students in preparing them not only for employment but for life and view these placements as an integral part of developing rounded and confident individuals. As such, we would like to remind students to remember that they are acting as ambassadors for our school whilst out on work experience.

We appreciate all the effort that has taken place to organise these placements and in order to maximise this unique opportunity we would ask you to ensure the following details:-

  • Students are dressed appropriately for their placements, as detailed by their employer.
  • Students are reminded to confirm their travel details, travel costs and basic working arrangements e.g. working hours and lunch break, before starting their placement.
  • Students have a contact phone number for the person they are reporting to on the placement.
  • Students must call their contact if they are either running late or absent.
  • Students must additionally call the school directly if they are absent.
  • At the end of the first week students should complete their Progress Report by clicking on the bar above and returning it by pressing the ‘submit’ button. 


If parents or students have any concerns or queries during the placement period we can be emailed on the following address:  


Good luck to our students - we hope they all have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience and look forward to welcoming them back to school on day 6, Monday 19th June at 8.55am.